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A big problem to most people

Posted: June 30, 2011 in June 2011, Sorta..

Do you know what is the trait of most people that makes them bad? It is knowing but not doing. As said in the bible,“One who knows but does not act accordingly is like a fool who built his house on a sand. Rain fell, floods washed the house and the house was destroyed. But one who knows and does act accordingly, is like a man who built his house on a rock. Rain fell, floods washed the house but the house remain standing.”

We’re like the people who are foolish. We know that giving second chances is good, but we don’t give second chances. We keep the trait of the person in the start, ’till the end. If a person, is selfish in the first time you met him/her, you will keep that in yourself. You will always say that, that guy is selfish ’till the end.

Let us be not like the foolish man, but instead be like the man who built his house on a rock. Act accordingly, as what you do know is good. Give second chances to friends, peers and people around you. This may not be applicable to all, but let’s still act accordingly.


Poll of the Week

Posted: June 30, 2011 in June 2011, Polls

A good friend to find is helpful
In times of the needs, there to help you
Always there to be with you
In times of crying and laughing

One also is a good role model
He encourages you to do right
Inspires you to be better
To be better in the near future

A friend is always there
When you feel sad and are depressed
All the time you are in sickness
A friend is there to take care of you

June 30, 2011

Posted: June 30, 2011 in Assignment, June 2011
  • T.L.E: Reporting, prepare your props
  • Values Ed.: Bandana, bottle(any size) and read pages 200-210
  • Math: Quiz # 2….T_T
  • Computer: Book, Notebook w/ 1/4, 1/8 and 1/2 sheet of paper at the back
  • English: Reporting for Groups 4 and 5, Quiz
  • Filipino: Finish reading and answering, “Pamana.”

June 29, 2011

Posted: June 29, 2011 in Assignment, June 2011
  • JUSTICE: Reply slips and CONTRIBUTIONS
  • SCIENCE: Jingle and 15 branches of biology in an intermediate pad paper
  • VALUES ED.: Bring a bandana
  • FILIPINO: Finish reading and answering the story entitled, “Pamana.”
  • T.L.E.: Prepare your materials and script for the play.
  • A.P.: Prepare for the play tomorrow

June 28, 2011

Posted: June 28, 2011 in Assignment, June 2011
  • Reply Slip (Vaccination)
  • Arts: Draw until about 3/4 of the sketchpad
  • English: Visual Aids, exercises (answers on notebook, ALL exercises)
  • A.P.: yung organizer
  • Science: Make lyrics for at least 2 stanzas (Melody of other songs)

So, here’s the people that I SUGGEST for YOU to VOTE..haha..>:D

CHAIRMAN: CLEMENO, Kristopher Klein


CASTILLO, Annicka Lauren

CORRE, Neil Mark

CORSINO, Reuel Jr.

DELLOSA, Mary Angelie


GONZALES, Christian


MEDINA, Jeanne Frederique

NARAL, Matthew

YAP, Leona


1st Year: SAN ANTONIO, Maynard

2nd Year: TABUZO, Rigil

3rd Year: NATE, Justine Christian

4th Year: JACOBO, Donna Grace