Stuck at Home. Boring it is…

Posted: June 24, 2011 in June 2011, Sorta..

Here at home, stuck IN HERE, because of that storm Falcon, nothing to do but to play comp. watch television, again and again and again. Boring life isn’t it?


There’s no much more to do. No more pressure, nor assignments to be given for the weekend. BUT, indeed, there are lessons to study about these THREE VACATION DAYS for some short quizzes that is RREEAALLYY NNEEDDEEDD to be SSTTUUDDIIEEDD. 


But since today, is not included in the REGULAR VACATION WEEKEND…. What I’ll do this day, is to blog and watch-all-day. One of these days, I’LL NEED TO STUDY.


No pressure today. Study tomorrow.

  1. paolo! nagbayad ka ng 17$? xDD

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