July 29, 2011

Posted: July 29, 2011 in Assignment, July 2011, Quizzes
  • FILIPINO: Kumalap ng mga impormasyon at magagandang tanawin sa isang bansa. <group>
  • T.L.E: Make your menu slogans and prepare your ingredients. Cooking will be on August 8.
  • ENGLISH: Finish your story map.
  • VALUES ED.: Finish your project.
  • SCIENCE: Research some articles about environmental problems.
  • HEALTH: Bring the following on Tuesday: 1 teaspoon salt; 5 teaspoons sugar and; 1 cup water (<H2O><Individual>)
  • P.E.: Bring the following on Wednesday: dumbbell; ball; etc. Prepare your rhythmic gymnastics number for the performance on Friday.
  • COMPUTER: Summarize at least 4 topics in your journal on a 1 whole sheet of pad paper. Finish your certificate.
  • ARTS: Bring the ff. everyday during Art class: Pencil; Ruler; Poster Paint; 1/8 illustration board; cotton buds; construction paper; brush and; crayons. <individual> Bring the ff. on Friday: Self-hardening clay; 1/8 illustration board; and paint. <group> Make your own calligraphy.
  • GROUP 3 in FILIPINO: Research and bring a picture of one of the wonders in India.
  • QUIZZES: Music, Values Education and (?)

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